You are my Roc.

I need you more than you’ll ever know.

I need you to help me become the person worthy enough to have you


Good Luck Charm

“See I got so much love for you in these arms-
Don’t you know that you’re my good luck charm.
Where you are forever girl ain’t no harm
Ain’t nobody else can borrow it, I won’t allow it”

For the Sake of Our Love :)


– to my baby kazeljean for finishing a million hours of clinical!! goood job babe! i know how much hard work you put into it. im so proud of you 🙂

– you may not know it yet but i know your going to be an excellent nurse! i believe in you! so much 🙂

Sad Attempt for a triple double lol


I wanted it all then, I want it even more now

I want this life, I want this love
I want this kiss, I want this hug
I want this time, I want this night
I want you here by my side
I want every little thing that makes my heart sing
And everything you try just to make it right
If I’m being honest baby you got all that I need
It’s true you got a hold on me